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What the heck are we about

What We Are About

Our GOAL is to gather friends, company employees and future friends at one of our SPIRITED POTS' PLANTING and DESIGN PARTIES.  We offer VIRTUAL PARTIES for friends, corporations and future friends further away and are excited to now be able to host LIVE PARTIES. We will teach you how to put together a fabulous design using the amazing color and shapes of succulents. We can definitively say you will CREATE SOMETHING YOU LOVE, learn a new skill and have a great time in the process. Who knows, maybe you will make a new friend as well!


Bringing a beautiful, living succulent design to life under the guidance of SPIRITED POTS' OWNER, Katie Intrieri, will brighten up any area in your home - inside or out. Katie has been a Succulent Enthusiast for several years now and created Spirited Pots with the desire to bring people together in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.


These workshops won't be an attempt to duplicate someone else's art...your end design will be your very own creation. Your living palette is the PLANTS THAT WE PROVIDE; your canvas is the pot you choose and your final art is one that you will nourish and watch grow and flower - ever-changing.

We are eager to share our love of all things succulent and more importantly to BE WITH FRIENDS at one of our Spirited Pots' parties! What drives us is the desire to create community, to provide exceptional design ideas, and to teach you something new in the process.


We will never stop improving, and we will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve our customers.


We hope to see you at one of our Spirited Pots' parties


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We will see you in February 2024!

LIVE and Virtual Workshops!

Live Workshop

Video Editing by Sarah Intrieri • Music by Griffin Intrieri

Not your Mother's Garden Party

Succulent Pumpkin
Succulent Pumpkin
Customer Design

Customer Design
Customer Design
Heck yeah! Customer Designs.
Customer Design
Customer Design
Succulent Wreath

Customer Design

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What They're Saying

Our First Virtual Workshop!

Perfect virtual birthday party for my 14 early old daughter & friends! The planting kits were customized for the party and everyone had a great time. The owner was so creative about making the party special.

- Laura P.

Thank you local stores!
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