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DIY Instructions for Lisa's Holiday Spirit.

We will miss you at our Virtual Workshop, but You Got This!

Before you begin  make sure to cover your workspace.
There will be mess!

Prepare Planter

Empty drainage rock into planter and even it out • Add soil to fill – about 1/3 of planter


  • Create your plant layout outside of your planter. Be mindful of space in between plants for cuttings, pinecones and decorations.

  • Remove tallest plant from the plastic container – make a little hole in the soil where you want the plant to go and set into planter. Check height. If too tall, remove some soil from the bottom of root ball or make the hole deeper. If you feel it is still too tall, make a clean cut at the suggested marked line and reinsert.

  • Surround root ball with soil until steady. Repeat for two other plants.

  • Surround all with soil or moss to hold in place. Use greening pins if necessary. It’s okay to pin plants to each other.

  • Add large pine cone into planter per your design. Make slight hole and press down into soil – use to support taller plants if necessary.

  • Add moss to cover all exposed soil and in between plants to steady. Press moss down firmly. 

  • Add small pine cones, secure in planter with end of greening wire. Use toothpicks to secure foil boxes.

  • Break off small pieces of gold baby’s breath and stick into planter in between plants and pinecones – use no more than 3 – 4 pieces.

  • Tie the ribbon tightly around finished box. Secure with double knot. Try covering knot with leftover sprig of baby’s breath, a small pinecone and moss. Let your creativity soar! Thread the ends of the ribbon through your fingers to create a pretty wave.

Care for Your Planter


  • Spray lightly on moss when finished planting


  • DO NOT ADD WATER until 7 – 10 days after finishing.


  • When watering Dribble water into moss under all plants – DO NOT SOAK – soil should be bone dry before watering. Repeat when soil is bone dry.


  • Inside: Place by sunny window – rotate weekly. Outside: needs 2 – 3 hours sun per day, water more frequently.


  • When plants outgrow container, pull out and replant in a larger container.


  • Frequently Check for spider webs and remove them immediately


  • Do not use commercial pest spray. Use 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water in sprayer 1 time per week

Don't forget to take a picture of your beautiful living work of art and tag us at #SpiritedPotsAroundTown

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