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Medium Spirited Gift Pot
  • Medium Spirited Gift Pot

    Looking for a thoughtful and customizable gift for your loved one who loves gardening...or doesn't? Look no further than our Spirited Customizable Succulent Gift Planter!



    The Choices are yours!

    • Ribbon: Choose from a variety of ribbon colors to give it that sparkle and gift giving feeling.
    • Succulents and Solawood: This gift planter is sure to delight with its beautiful succulents and Solawood flower. We can add an essential oil for a wonderful fragrance. Plants will vary.
    • Optional Chocolate Candy Filling: Make this gift even sweeter by adding delicious chocolate candy filling inside the pot. Available as an optional add-on. If you choose to add chocolates, they are packed in a compostable bag. If you want to send it empty, it's still a wonderful arrangement that can be used as storage until the recipient is ready to plant.
    • Great Gift for Yourself!: Hey, we can't all be givers ALL the time! This will last for seasons as is and can be a great place to keep items in one place.


    This Spirited Gift Pot is perfect for anyone who loves succulents and wants a beautiful, lasting gift. Place it on your window sill, table or in any room of the house! Just make sure it has enough indirect light for 4 - 6 hours a day and spritz the moss with water when it feels dry.


    These unique, one-of-a-kind gift pots will make anyone smile with glee. We make each of these by hand, so no two are the same. We also pack and ship ourselves.


    To get to the goodies inside, peel the ribbon from the velcro from the bottom and lift the lid entirely. You can either keep the planter the way it is (the succulents will root into the moss) or plant the arrangement (eventually you will want to plant them so they can receive the nutrient benefits from soil).


    As mentioned, each arrangement will have a SolaWood flower. We love to add essential oils so there is a festive fragrance when the gift arrives. For the holidays we add blends of fir, cinnamon, clove. Valentine's Day will be lavender, rose, gardenia or jasmine. Let us know.

    Also, let us know if you'd like us to include a gift note.


    When you're ready to plant:

    • Fill the planter - dirt screen included - with cactus/succulent soil about a half inch from the top.
    • Gently peel off the plants with the moss and coconut coir intact from the coaster. You can peel off any ribbon if you are able.
    • Plop the arrangement on top of the soil.
    • Tuck it all in. Place your new arrangement on top of the coaster.
    • ENJOY!

    Care for the planter with it's coaster as you would any other succulent arrangement. 4 - 6 hours of indirect light and let it get bone dry before drenching.


    SMALL - 3.75” x 3.75" ceramic cube. Saucer adds 3/4 inch. Planter will hold 15 individually wrapped chocolates in a compostable bag. Planter will hold 8 individually wrapped and bagged chocolates from us.




    ********SHIPPING: We only ship within the Continental USA. Sorry!*********

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