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Small Gift Pots - Patterned
  • Small Gift Pots - Patterned

    What a great gift for any occasion! Teacher Appreciation, Employee Apprecitation, Self Appreciation! Plants, holiday theme and chocolate treats inside will vary.  


    Fillings include: 1 ounce of themed M&Ms with either a Ghiradelli chocolate, Ferrero Rocher or Lindor Truffle.


    Each arrangement also includes a Solawood flower which we love to add essential oil scents to. Please select a scent if you'd like to have one added.


    These are 3" wide and 3" tall. The saucer diameter is 3 3/4".



    Here's how you enjoy your Gift Pot:


    • Step 1: Cut the twine.

    • Step 2: Eat the candy (remember, one ounce of happy M&Ms plus one nice sized Ghirardelli chocolate, Ferrero Rocher or Lindor Truffle).

    • Step 3: Fill planter with succulent/cactus soil (use your own or purchase our pre-measured amount).

    • Step 4: Gently peel moss pad with plants off of saucer.

    • Step 5: Plop moss pad with plants on top of soil and secure. Succulents will root through the moss.

    • Step 6: Water and care as you would any succulent arrangement.

    • Step 7: Step back and enjoy the fact that you have a really cute new succulent arrangement and got to have some really happy chocolate!

    • Care Instructions

      • Keep plants in indirect sun four to six hours a day. This is will allow the plants to keep and develop color.
      • Water thoroughly ONLY when soil is bone dry.
      • If plants start to stretch, it means they aren't getting enough sun  - rotating the planter can also help.
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