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Spirited Wreath, Birdhouse, Gift Pot, Ornament, Holiday Tree Care

caring for these designs are so easy it's almost scary!


Congrats on the new member of your family!
If this was a gift, someone loves you very much!

• Spray the moss with water a couple times a week. The cuttings will eventually grow roots into the moss. The piece will last for Seasons if it's happy. Much longer than a cut flower arrangement, but we don't mean to show off.

• If you have a Spirited Wreath, it's okay to submerge in water once a month to get a complete soaking - then continue to spray a few times a week, checking to see if plants are getting wrinkly.

• Be sure your Spirited Arrangement gets plenty of natural indirect light (South facing windows are great) - about 6 hours/day - this will keep its color and will keep plants from stretching. If you don't have the perfect spot, all that will happen is the plants will turn green and will get stretched sooner.


• Do not put in direct sun - unless it's a cooler environment, then just keep an eye on it for burning.

• When your Spirited Arrangement starts to look less happy, you have a few choices: you can trim the stretched plant and glue the just-cut piece back into the moss or you can take the moss completely of and replant entire piece in cactus/succulent soil.

• If your arrangement has a SolaWood flower in it, feel free to add your favorite essential oil to it. The scent should last a few weeks or longer, depending on exposure to light.

Remember, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We got your back!

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