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Make sure to get a pumpkin that has no cuts or bruises on it; that way it will last seasons!

Your DIY kit should contain 2" succulent cuttings, smaller cuttings including a trailer, moss and some seasonal decorations. It may have a glue gun with glue sticks, but it may not.

What you will need:
• A clean surface. 
If your kit does not contain glue, you will need a hot glue gun with glue sticks or tacky glue or floral adhesive.
Optional: spray adhesive for the moss

Once you get the basic idea of how to make these - you will be unstoppable!

  • Clean your pumpkin before starting. Make sure it's dry.

  • After your glue gun is ready (if you are using hot glue), put the moss on the top of the pumpkin like a hairpiece. Do it bit by bit, you don't want to put the glue on all at once because it will dry before you get all the moss on. Some people like to use a glue spray for this part. You may want to spray the moss with just a tad of water to make it more pliable. 

  • Gather your succulents and put them in a pleasing arrangement. Think about what will be the front of your pumpkin. Mix up the shapes and colors.

  • I like to put the trailer on first so I can cover up the end(s). If you chose to put it in later, of course that is fine, it's just harder not to get glue on the other plants. Put some glue on the moss where you want the plant to go. The hot glue will not hurt the plant (pinky swear) but keep it to the stem, not the leaves. Try not to get the oil from your fingers onto the leaves either because it could leave a mark on some plants.

  • Continue gluing the rest of the plants. Sometimes I put glue directly onto the stem or I put glue onto the moss and place the plant into it. It depends on the location. 

  • Squeeze the succulents in together to make an attractive compact look. The roots of the plants will eventually grow into the moss.

  • Once all the plants are in, add your seasonal decorations to help fill in any holes. Have some odds and ends around the house you'd like to put in? Go ahead! You're an artist!

  • Once you are all done, turn your new baby upside down to make sure everything is secure. No judgment if anything falls off...that's why we do it!

You see? You did it!

Care for your Spirited Pumpculent


• Spray the moss with water a couple times a week. The cuttings will eventually drink the water and grow roots.

• Be sure your pumpkin gets plenty of natural indirect light — about 6 hours/day. Do not put in direct sun; it will rot - unless it's a cooler environment, then just keep an eye on it for burning.

• When your pumpkin starts to look less happy, you have a few choices:  plant the entire pumpkin in a hole in your yard with succulents and moss sticking up from ground; cut of the top and plant that if you don’t have a hole deep enough; gently pull off the succulents and make a brand spanking new arrangement!

Remember, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We got your back!

Don't forget to post your beautiful creations and tag us!

Pumpculent Care

Warning: Please keep your plants out of reach of pets and children

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