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Welcome to Your Very Own

Private Party Page!

If this were a real booking, you would get a password to enter.

Hey, we don't mess around.

We also send you a personalized e-mail invite to send to your guests.

You will get all the materials you need to recreate a similar work of art under the guidance of Certified Floral Designer Jackie Hasenstab

This is where your chosen project picture would be

Below would be the instructions for your guests

Follow these steps to make sure we are all on the same page:

  • To begin the ordering process of your Spirit box, click on the View Details above

  • YOUR NAME HERE is treating you. Use the Promo Code: YOUR OWN PROMO CODE (case sensitive) and the cost will be zero. Note: We can also set it up so your guests pay as well, but it's still a private party

  • Do NOT worry about booking a workshop - you will be brought to a page that will ask you to book your workshop, but this has already been done by the party planner. Once you order your piece, you are ALLLLLL set!

  • This is the Zoom link for the party. You will get a reminder e-mail with the link as well.

  ANY QUESTIONS? Contact Katie at

If you booked a private party, this would be a link to a Spirited Zoom Workshop

See how much fun this can be!

Book your party today

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