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Private Party Contract Terms


Thank you for considering booking a Private Party with Spirited Pots. Our goal is to deliver a top-notch, fun, and seamless entertainment experience for your special occasion.


Please read the following guidelines to ensure you have the best party ever:


We are now offering both LIVE Workshops and VIRTUAL Workshops or a hybrid set up. Yippee! If you are interested in a Virtual PartySpirited Pots is stationed in Burlingame, California, so if there is a time difference with your location, please let your guests know. Guests can join from wherever they are located. Spirited Pots will supply the Zoom link on your booking page and will provide a 24-hour reminder.

Spirited Party Time and Deposit

The length of the Spirited Party times will vary with the theme. We have a $750 minimum for ten (10) people and under. A non-refundable deposit (50% of total party price) is due at the time of booking and the balance is due seven (7) days prior to your party. If the booking is fourteen (14) days or less before the event, the Spirited Party fee will be due in full. There will be a 3% convenience fee added if you pay online. A mailed check will incur no fee.

Private Party E-Mail Invite and 24-Hour Notice

Upon booking, Spirited Pots will begin to design your Invite and your 24-Hour Reminder Notice for you to forward to all your guests. We will work with you if you would rather send an invite yourself. 

Dedicated Party Page

Upon booking, Spirited Pots will begin to design your own dedicated Private Party Page. Once the page is complete you will be given directions on how to access it, using a password. This page will include details on the party, an active Zoom link (if Virtual) and it will give you and your guests the ability to order all the materials necessary to complete your Private Party Spirited Design. 


The structure is simple:

  • Private Party Paid entirely by the Client: when guests order their kit, the ordering page will reflect a zero charge once an individualized Promo Code is entered.

  • Private Party Participants pay: when guests order their kit it will reflect a 50% reduced price because the other 50% has already been paid as the deposit.  


In either structure, the balance needs to be paid in full seven (7) days prior to the party.

The project can either be shipped or picked up at a mutually agreed upon location.




Little Spirited Party is $65 per person (unless otherwise noted) 

Little More Spirited Party is $75 per person (unless otherwise noted)

Lotta Spirited Parties are $85 per person (unless otherwise noted)

VIRTUAL PARTY ONLYOnce the teaching portion of the Workshop is over, the Instructor will leave but you and your party guests are more than welcome to stay on and enjoy the more "Spirited" part of the Party. All parties will start on time with a five-minute buffer for late arrivals.

Extra Options

After each Spirited Party, the instructor will have created a demonstration piece that will be retail-ready. The cost of this piece is separate from any cost that you will incur for this party. As the Client, you will have the first choice to purchase the instructor’s piece. If you choose not to purchase the Instructor's piece at full retail value, you agree to let us sell it on the Spirited Pots’ website as part of our Virtual Store.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel, you need to submit your cancelation request in writing to at least 14 days prior to your private party. 


Spirited Pots, reserves all rights in unforeseen circumstances to cancel or postpone any private party, and if so, your party fee will be refunded in full unless rescheduled with your consent.


Some of the plants or other materials provided with your party package may be harmful to the health of a pet or child if consumed. Please keep plants or other materials out of reach. 

IMPORTANT: Keep this in mind while looking at dates:
• Existing Spirited pots must be booked three (3) weeks in advance
• Custom Spirited pieces must be booked six (6) weeks in advance

Let's Secure That Date!


$325 minimum deposit required

By signing below I acknowledge that I understand, read and agree to all the terms of the contract. I further acknowledge that I must meet the $650 minimum Private Party fee and will be charged accordingly. You agree that Spirited Pots will not be responsible for liability related to guest behavior and safety, or safety related to the consumption of alcohol on the premises where your guests are located. Spirited Pots will not be liable for misuse of purchased materials, injury, or damage to persons or property involving purchased materials.

I understand that my requested date is not guaranteed until my 50% deposit has been submitted.

I understand and agree that my credit card will be charged, plus a 3% convenience fee according to the terms of this contract.


If writing a check, there is no convenience fee added and please make your check payable to SPIRITED POTS. Please contact Katie for mailing address.

* •IF PAID ONLINE: Default Price represents 50% minimum deposit plus 3% convenience fee charge. Example: $350 + 3% ($10.50) = $360.50 if payment is online.
* •IF WRITING A CHECK: There is no convenience fee added. Make your check payable to SPIRITED POTS. Check must be received before securing your booking date. Contact Katie for mailing address.
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